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A Nortel “DN” is the directory number for the line.In the Nortel phone system, the directory number is equivalent to the extension number assigned to the line. This code for the Nortel Meridian and BCM systems is “266344.” The code may vary with other systems.[ Show ] moves to a lower level in the hierarchy of headings and subheadings, or begins programming for a heading or subheading.[ Next ] moves forward at the same level in the hierarchy of headings and subheadings.You can change the DN number from the extension’s phone. Locate this code in the service manual for the phone system.Programming is done at a two dislay line telephone, and, although not totally necessary, is made simpler with the correct overlay.

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Nortel network phones are commonly found in offices and call centers, as they can manage a number of incoming telephone lines and internal extensions.

The Programming Record provides a convenient way to record what you have programmed. You may photocopy pages from the record as necessary for programming many telephones or lines. If any of the changes you have made to programming have not immediately taken effect, you see an UPDATE display button when you leave programming.

Norstar stores your changes automatically as soon as you alter any settings; you do not need to "save" your changes. The display shows you how many telephones have not been currently updated due to the system being busy with other programming or the telephone is in use.

Norstar guides you with step-by-step instructions on the telephone display while you are programming.

The indicators ( ) on the M7310 or M7324 telephone show which buttons can be used at that programming step.

The functions on these buttons allow you to move through the headings and subheadings of Norstar programming.