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Some Pocket PC 2002 devices were also sold as "Phone Editions", which included cell phone functionality in addition to the PDA abilities.

Pocket PCs are manufactured and sold by several different companies; the major manufacturers include HP (under the i PAQ and now defunct Jornada brands), Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Dell (under the now defunct Axim brand), Fujitsu Siemens, E-TEN, HTC, and View Sonic.

Pocket PC 2000 featured a mobile version of Microsoft Office, a chief feature being the ability to password-protect Excel files.

Pocket PC 2002 was launched October 2001, and was powered by Windows CE 3.0, as with its predecessor.

La versió v0.8.4 () suporta les sèries HP i PAQ H3xxx i H5xxx i introdueix suport d'inici per les sèries HP i PAQ H2200, Hx4700, i H6300.

Pocket PCs running prior versions of the operating system generally stored user-installed applications and data in RAM, which meant that if the battery was depleted the device would lose all of its data.

L'i PAQ és la PDA ( Personal Digital Assistant ) per Pocket PC de Hewlett-Packard.